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Several adjustments to the MB Shuttle schedules will start on Monday, August 29th to improve reliability.  

The new Timetables will be published on Thursday, Aug. 25th.  


The BART stop location for our early morning LOOP Route will also change on the 29th.  Between 6am and 7:05am, LOOP route buses will stop in the white passenger loading zone on 5th Street just before Market Street.  Starting at 7:10am (East route) and at 7:17 (West route), shuttles stop on Mission Street.  (This stop is south of the entrance to Bloomingdales and approaching Volta restaurant.)


While these schedule adjustments will improve our overall performance, they don't solve some of the other issues which have arisen. We're looking at options to address the bottlenecks occuring around 4th & Townsend, as this area will be severely constrained for the foreseeable future.  We're looking at solutions that re-route buses as well as the possibility of operating from a different BART station. As always, your feedback is both wanted and welcome!  


HELP US BY COMPLETING THE 2016 MISSION BAY COMMUTE SURVEY.  This annual survey helps us plan service for the coming year based on your needs and opinions.  The survey takes less than 3 minutes and is anonymous.  

The survey is at: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ed0i91kkir7zxiyj/start














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