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Illinois Street construction will affect our shuttle stop at 409-499 Illinois.  Flagmen will have signage indicating where the stop is.  


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Mission Bay Updates

Shuttle Updates for Monday, effective monday, february 12th:


Several adjustments are being made to the Mission Bay Shuttle schedule:

  • We're ADDING a stop on Grove Street at Hyde (just kitty-corner from The Orpheum Theatre).  This stop is in addition to the stop at 9th & Market.  It gives customers the option of using two other BART entrances:  the stairs in front of The Orpheum Theatre, or the escalators at UN Plaza.  Both of these entrances are adjacent to fare-gates once you're underground.  
    The map below shows both stop locations. 
  • The new stop is in a white passenger loading zone is in front of One Grove and next to Burger King.  

  • We're adding time to most runs to be more reliable.  Please check ALL routes, as start times have changed.
  • Adjustments are being made to the early morning LOOP with a new start time of 6:13am.  We're also combining both Loops into one.  
  • We're adding another morning run to Caltrain/Transbay route and another run to the evening Caltrain/Transbay
  • Evening LOOP (after 7pm) now runs later


You can download new timetables here:

EAST Route


WEST Route


























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