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World Series Home Games

Friday at 5:07pm

Saturday and Sunday (if necessary)

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The Shuttle will offer 3 early afternoon runs to help customers leave the Mission Bay area before the Giants game.

Service will depart from both Nektar and the 409-499 Illinois stops at:  2:00pm, 2:45pm and 3:30pm.  These runs are in addition to our normal service.

We expect heavy traffic all afternoon as fans arrive at AT&T Park for the first World Series home game.  The game begins at 5:07pm. GO GIANTS!


service changes effective Oct 9th


The Mission Bay Shuttle timetable has made some minor adjustments to better serve customers and reflect current traffic patterns.  These changes will begin on Thursday, October 9th.

  • There were no changes to morning service on the East route.
  • There is a minor change to morning service on the West route to better coordinate with incoming Caltrains.
  • There were significant changes to afternoon service on the West route
  • There is a minor change to afternoon service on the East route 

Please note that NextBus predictions may be incorrect for the next few days.  



Click here for a PDF version of the new Timetable.


Click here for a PDF version of the new Route Map.





 Arrival and departure times for most commuter trains will be adjusted by approximately two minutes, effective Sunday, October 5th.  Trains arriving at 4th Street will get here about two minutes later; trains will also leave San Francisco two minutes later.  



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