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Schedule and route changes coming in april


Effective Monday, April 10th, the East, West and Caltrain-TransBay routes will all have route changes.  We will also discontinue service to the China Basin building at 185 Berry Street.  



The route changes are intended to improve reliability and travel times, as well as to increase service overall.  April 10th is also the first day of Caltrain service adjustments.  


Here's a quick summary of the changes:  


 East Route

  • Route change in the BART-bound direction.  After leaving 409-499 Illinois, the route will travel to BART via 16th Street, 7th Street, Folsom and 5th St.  This should shorten your travel time from Mission Bay to BART in both the morning and evening commute.  
  • The East route will no longer stop at Caltrain in the afternoon (See Caltrain below).  

West Route

  • Morning route change from BART.  This route will now pick-up any riders from Caltrain at the SF Library stop on 4th Street (as the East route already does).  It will then continue to Owens via 4th and 16th Streets.  The BART-bound direction has not been changed (the bus will travel from Owens to Berry Street, and reach BART via Third and Mission).  
  • Afternoon route change in the BART-bound direction.  After boarding riders on Owens Street, the bus will travel to BART via 7th, Folsom and 5th Street.  Berry St. residents going to BART should board the bus as it enters Mission Bay (coming from BART).  

Caltrain/TransBay Route

  • TransBay Stop Location Change:  We will now pick-up on Folsom St in the white zone in front of 201 Folsom (midblock between Beale and Main St).  This is directly across the street from TransBay Terminal.
  • Morning pick-ups from Caltrain into Mission Bay will now be at the SF Library stop for both East and West routes.  
  • Afternoon drop-offs for Mission Bay riders going to Caltrain will be in the white zone on Berry Street in front of Mission Creek senior housing (near Philz).  This stop will also be used as a morning pick-up zone for Caltrain riders heading to TransBay.
  • New morning stop:in the white zone at 303 2nd Street, en route to TransBay.
  • New afternoon stop:  at SFMTA bus stop on Harrison @ 2nd, en route from TransBay.
  • Eight runs to Caltrain in the afternoon, timed to coordinate with train departures; six runs to TransBay in the afternoon; and an additional TransBay morning run.


Here are the new Timetables.  

East Route and Loop Timetable

West Route and Loop Timetable

Caltrain and TransBay Timetable 


Here are the new Route maps:

East, Loop and TransBay

West, Loop and TransBay












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