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service alert

Effective Friday, August 1, the number of stops at the Caltrain station on 4th St in the southbound direction (coming INTO Mission Bay) will be reduced.  Because not all buses coming from BART will stop at Caltrain, if you normally get off at this stop, make sure you're on one that does (click here for the new schedule).  


To minimize impact on customers, the revised schedule coordinates service with 1) Baby Bullet train arrivals and, 2) times of peak shuttle boardings at Caltrain on both routes.  The shuttle will still stop at Caltrain 25 times a day.  


After leaving BART, the first stop the East bus will make is at the SF Library at 4th & Berry-China Basin, on the runs it does not stop at Caltrain.  The first stop the West bus will make is at Fifth & Berry, on those runs it does stop at Caltrain.  


This change was prompted by the SFMTA's new Commuter Shuttles Pilot Program, which includes a per-stop charge affecting Muni zones which are shared by buses and shuttles (our Caltrain stop).  A last minute increase in the per-stop fees necessitated a reduction in the frequency of stops at this location.  




Parking at meters operated by the SFMTA are once again free on Sundays with a few exceptions.  

However, meters operated by the Port will continue to charge for parking seven days a week.  Many meters in Mission Bay (east of Third Street) are Port-operated.  Be sure to double-check the signage when parking at Mission Bay.








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