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Effective Mon, Feb. 2nd, there will be several service changes in the Mission Bay Shuttle system in an effort to continue to improve service.  The charts below summarize the route and stop changes.  

New timetables can be downloaded by clicking here. Most of the timepoints have changed; as have both routes.  

Several destinations are now served by different routes:

  • 409-499 Illinois is now on the East route
  • China Basin is now on the West route and the stop location has changed
  • Ancestry.com is now on the West route


There is now a Caltrain-only route to expedite service between Mission Bay destinations and Caltrain; and three runs to the TransBay Terminal in the morning and evening.  Click here for a downloadable copy of the new Route Map.  


The stop locations serving Caltrain have changed.  Coming from BART, the West bus will stop on Townsend Street just before turning onto 4th Street (adjacent to taxi stands).  The Caltrain route will also use this stop to pick-up and drop off riders.  The East bus will not stop until the SF Library stop, when coming from BART.  The West bus will stop on Townsend Street in front of the Creamery (at 4th St.) in the BART-bound direction.  The East bus will no longer serve Caltrain in the BART-bound direction (use Caltrain route, instead).  


The East bus will leave Mission Bay at its southern edge, heading straight to BART via 7th Street.  



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