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Driving, Pooling & Parking |

Parking Facilities, Rates

Public Parking Facilities at Mission Bay:


Facility                         Pricing                    Hours
450 South St. Garage                   $1 each 20 min.                Mon-Fri            7am to 7pm*
1670 Owens St. Garage                $18.00 daily max.
                                                       $14.00 Early Bird (before 8:30am)
UCSF Third St. Garage                  0 – 6 hrs $3/hour            Mon-Sun          24 hours
UCSF Owens St. Garage                6 – 7 hrs $21
                                                        7 – 24 hrs $24
UCSF Surface Parking (4th St.)      $3/hour                           Mon-Fri          7am-6pm
(automated pay only)                     $24 daily max.
                                                         $2.00                              Mon-Fri 6pm-7am
                                                         $2.00                              Sat/Sun 7am-7am
*Monthly parking permits have 24/7 access to garage.   
 Parking Meters at Mission Bay
Parking meters have either already been installed or will be coming soon on most streets in the Mission Bay area by the end of 2012.  
The meters will be a combination of two hour, four hour, and unlimited time meters with pricing that begins at $2.25 per hour and will adjusted monthly, based on demand.  You can use cash or credit cards at the meters, which will operate from 9am to 11pm every day.  Pricing during baseball games and at other special events at AT&T Park will be at higher rates.
The MTA's goal is with this strategy is to create availability and ensure high turnover of scarce on-street parking.  It's all part of a pilot project, sfpark, which will run for about 18 months and then be evaluated.  For more information, please visit the MTA's website at:  sfpark.org

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