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EFFECTIVE June 1, 2014, the new Express Route will augment service between BART and Nektar between 8am and 9:30am; and again between 4pm and 6:20pm.  The bus makes limited stops:  BART, Caltrain, Illinois Street and Nektar.

The Express bus adds four morning runs and four afternoon runs to and from the Nektar stop.  This bus will offer service to customers at 409-499 Illinois Street en route to the Nektar stop starting in August.  

The Express route will serve Caltrain in the Mission Bay-bound direction from our stop on Townsend at 4th (in front of Walgreen's).  Coming from Nektar/Illinois Street, it will drop passengers going to Caltrain on Townsend just before 5th Street (across from 410 Townsend).  There are no changes to the normal Caltrain stops for either East or West route.



 For a downloadable version of the timetable, click here


 For a downloadable map showing the Mission Bay Routes, click here





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