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Construction Projects

under construction in 2018: 


Mission Bay continues to build... 

    Several projects are under construction.  The Warriors Arena is affecting traffic between 3rd and Terry Francois; South and Illinois Streets.  The new UCSF buildings are impacting traffic on Illinois and Third Streets, Mariposa and 16th.  The Uber headquarters is affecting traffic on Third and South Streets.    


    We're awaiting final approval of the connections of Channel, LongBridge, and MBBN and MBBS to the Mission Bay Circle at Owens Street.  We're waiting for Owens Street to open between 16th & Mariposa Streets.  Also pending is Nelson Rising Lane between Owens and Third Street, and some smaller connections between all of these. 
  • Illinois Street is also undergoing major construction in support of the new construction
  • Terry Francois will be re-aligned in 2018-2019.   




The Central Subway will run from Stockton/Washington streets in Chinatown to Caltrain at 4th & King Streets in Mission Bay.  Travel time on the new T subway will be just 8 minutes (it currently takes 20+ minutes on buses) when it opens in 2019.  The new T-line extension will have two SoMa stops:  at Brannan Street (above ground) and and a subway station at Yerba Buena/Moscone Center. The subway will also stop at Market St/Union Square and in Chinatown.


Closures will continue on 4th Street from Harrison to King Street.  The block between King and Townsend is now one-way (in the Southbound direction leading into Mission Bay).  





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